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About Us

While attending a quilt show at the Rosemont Convention center in the Chicago area in 2004, a sewing friendship bloomed into a new business partnership and design company. Inspired by the variety of the quilting techniques and fabrics available, avid stitching enthusiasts, Betsy and Margaret, merged their sewing, quilting, and design skills to create a quilt-as-you-go jacket, the first of many patterns for their MorninGlory Designs company.

Though Margaret’s family relocated to Colorado in 2007, separating the friends by two states, the duo still manage to get together twice a year for a weekend of sewing and designing. Distance makes operarting a business more challenging, but thanks to modern technology, Betsy and Margaret are able to stay connected and continue doing what they love.

In the past 10 years, they have created over 25 designs, including Xsm-Xlg and 1-5X sizes for women as well as patterns for kids too. As time allows, Betsy and Margaret enjoy teaching classes at local shops in their communities, where they passionately share MorninGlory Designs' unique quilt-as-you-go jacket and vest patterns with other quilters.